3 Awesome Rebate Apps that Pay You for Receipts

Rebate Apps - apps that pay for receiptsA few weeks ago, we had a pretty major setback in our financial status. We had to get a new car. And no, I didn’t do the frugal thing and get an older car…I bought a 2016 Honda with really low mileage and current warranty. Why? Because my older car got totaled and I wanted to get something newer that got better gas mileage. Since then, I’ve been frantically trying to come up with ways to make extra money so that we can fit the extra car payment into our budget, which isn’t going to be easy, so every little bit of extra income helps! Today, we’re going to talk about three of the rebate apps that I’m using to add a little bit of extra money to the payments we make on debts.

3 Awesome Rebate Apps that Pay You for Receipts

I want to say this up front (because I know people are wondering): yes, these work…and no, you’re not going to get rich from them. BUT if you want a few extra bucks each month to pay off debts, save for a cool new gadget or vacation, or just because you like to save money on groceries, then these great apps that pay for receipts should be on your “get these now” list.

Ibotta (Android | iOS)

Ibotta - Rebate AppsThe Ibotta app is one of the best rebate apps on the market. When you’re planning your shopping list, you’re going to want to open the Ibotta app and see which items have rebates available…and then just add them to the list. Once you make your purchase, you’ll verify the rebates by scanning the bar codes and then scan receipts for money back through the app. That’s it! It’s got a few more steps than the other apps we’re going to cover, but it’s still great. To cash out with Ibotta, there’s currently a $20.00 payout threshhold, but the more deals you accept, the faster you get paid.

Receipt Hog (Android | iOS)

Receipt Hog - Rebate AppsThis app is an insanely easy way to save money on groceries! Just scan in your receipts. Almost any receipt will do (there are some that they don’t accept, but most receipts from most normal stores will work). You earn “coins” that you can use to trade for things like Amazon gift cards or (even better) money sent to your PayPal address. 1000 coins will get you $5.00. I’ve had this app about 2 days so far, and I’m already over 300 coins. Part of that is due to the fact that you’ll get bonus coins for verifying your email address, etc.

MobiSave (Android | iOS)

MobiSave - Rebate AppsSo far, this one is my favorite! MobiSave is similar to Ibotta, except that you don’t need to scan in the bar codes from the individual item. Just select the items you’re planning on purchasing and upload the receipt. So far, this one seems to pay out faster than Ibotta or Receipt Hog. Your savings are sent directly to your PayPal account. MobiSave doesn’t have a minimum to cash out. Your earnings are sent as soon as they are verified, which so far seems to take less than an hour.


Getting that grocery receipt cash back is awesome, and who doesn’t like passive income? These apps are free, and yes, you can use all of them at once. Give them a try!

Do you currently use one of these apps? Let us know what you think in the comments. I’d love to get your thoughts on these or any other similar apps.


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