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How To Make Your Blog Suck Less

Last updated 2/20/2020

Every website has a story. The real question is, does your website tell yours? One of the most common design downfalls is the complexity of their web design, leaving readers bored and confused. Every blog owner really has to consider how user-friendly their site is, because if the website is too complex, there is a high probability that the audience will not be able to relate to the message the site is trying to convey…which makes it more difficult to make money online with your site.


Web Design: Keep it Simple

simpleSimplicity is beauty in the eyes of your viewers. Keeping it simple is one rule that has always been a major part of the commandments of web design however a lot of web designers do not know the difference between simple and just plain boring.  Remember, when you design your web page, make sure it’s designed with the user in mind. If you have made the site too complicated to use, people will leave the site because they do not understand how to use it. Even if you have great content, if you fail at being accessible and convenient to use, then your chances of attracting visitors will definitely drop.

Stop Writing Boring Content

boringPeople do not like reading long, boring articles. If you think your content is not grabbing the attention of your readers, you should address this as soon as you can. Also, content alone does tend to be more boring, so it’s good to use visual elements when you can. Using animations and graphics that convey the message you want to impart to the online audience is a powerful tool for grabbing their attention. Also, think of a great way to tell your stories in the most exciting and compelling way possible so that viewers will come back to your site to read more. Make them thrilled. Engage the reader’s imagination and you’ll be on your way to the top.

That being said…you can still have longer blog posts (which are usually better for SEO purposes) that aren’t going to cause your audience to slip into a coma. Just remember to find ways to grab their attention and write high quality posts.


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