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These are the Top 5 Most Expensive Keywords on Google

https://i1.wp.com/crushthepmexam.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Top-5-Image.jpg?resize=139%2C139A few days ago, I came across a blog post that featured an awesome infographic showing the one hundred most expensive keywords on Google. Before I started reading what they were, I was trying to guess what they could possibly be. Honestly, I had figured they would most likely be keywords that were in the adult niche…

Of course, this just means that I was surprised by the actual results.

Apparently, some of the most expensive keywords are related to attorneys and legal council. I guess that makes sense, since people are usually looking for the best person possible to help them with their case.

Actually, the top 5 spots are all held by the legal industry.


Top Five Most Expensive Google Keywords

Note: this is subject to change since the infographic was published…I haven’t fired up SEMRush yet to verify if there have been changes, but either way…

  1. San Antonio car wreck attorney — $670.44
  2. Accident attorney Riverside VA — $626.90
  3. Personal injury attorney Colorado — $533.08
  4. Top personal injury attorneys — $551.32
  5. Motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles — $551.11

Prices like this on keywords make me wonder how even an attorney would survive after buying keywords at this rate…that’s insane!


Want to see the infographic on this? Here it is.

Top one hundred most expensive Google keywords
Top one hundred most expensive Google keywords

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