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How To Buy Dogecoin

Dogecoin To The MoonOver the last couple of days, $DOGE has been on the rise…and I’m kicking myself for selling the over 10k that I used to have back when it was less than $0.04 each. Ugh! But hey, the price is still affordable, and I still like Dogecoin (even if it’s just for fun), so I plan to HODL until I can’t do it anymore. I’m not a cryptocurrency nerd. I’m also not a financial advisor of any kind. But I do like the Doge.

What is Dogecoin, anyway?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency, much like Bitcoin or Etherium…but more fun (and far less expensive to get into). Dogecoin was started as a joke, but lately there have been more businesses adopting it as a form of currency that they will accept. Add that with the random hype from Elon Musk and you get this:

Doge to the moon! $DOGE

The good news? You can still buy Dogecoin (or invest in it through a brokerage). Here’s how you can get in:

  • Buy Dogecoin from a cryptocurrency exchange
  • Invest in Doge through a stock brokerage


Invest in Doge With a Brokerage

This option is probably the fastest, easiest way to get into crypto investing, although it’s not for everyone. To join a service, you’ll have to hand over some info like SSN, birthdate, etc. That’s standard for a brokerage, and it is required by the federal government. That being said, once you set up your account, you can start investing.

Pro tip: if you join some of these, you’ll get free stocks that you can sell and use that money to invest in Dogecoin without having to add cash out of your pocket. šŸ˜‰

Here’s a list of stock brokerages that allow you to invest in Dogecoin:


Exchanges That Sell Dogecoin

I’ll update this section as I find more, but here is a list of the cryptocurrency exchanges that sell actual Dogecoin that you can transfer to either a software wallet or a hardware wallet like the Trezor One cryptocurrency wallet.

  • Binance
  • Gemini
  • Kraken
  • Coinbase (Okay, they aren’t selling $DOGE yet, but adding because it’s a good exchange to get others…and people are pressuring Coinbase to add Dogecoin).


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