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A Conversation with Mike at PopCash

pc-logoI wanted to take a second and post an update to my review of PopCash.

A while back, I received an email from Mike (I didn’t get a last name, but he works at PopCash), and he granted permission to share it with you. Basically, he wanted to clear up a couple of points that weren’t address very clearly. Here’s the email:

Hello Westley,

I have come across your review of our network, PopCash.Net, and I wanted to connect with you to make sure that some details you mentioned are the accurate ones. The review in question is: http://thesugarbuzzproject.net/popcash-popunder-network-review/

The most important change that I would suggest, to increase the accuracy of the review would be regarding the fees applied to the cash out. Here is the explanation: https://forums.digitalpoint.com/threads/popcash-net-official-thread-pop-under-ads-network.2563071/page-15#post-19266872.
We didn’t added or increased any fees, the payment fee was actually reduced. Until now for PayPal payments the fee was charged by PayPal from the total amount and was about 3% – 4% + 0.25$, now we changed the payment system and we are sending the payments through Mass Payment and the fee is %2 up to $1.
Let’s show you some examples:
For $1000 the fee was approx. $30.25 – $40.25, now the fee is only $1.
For $10 (our minimum) the fee was approx. $0.55 – $0.65, now the fee is only $0.20.
About the other cons, as you can imagine, we are confronting with both types of users (good and bad). We are doing our best to deliver the best traffic to our advertisers and the best campaigns to our publishers.
From the point of view of the our publishers, which is how you reviewed PopCash.Net, we deliver ads that we are analyzing before approval (so they will not contain any fake/aggressive/misleading/tech support, automatic downloads) and also after they are approved with our own system. We are blocking all advertisers that are promoting against our terms of use.
I hope that you will understand the point of view from which I am sending you these details, and I hope that you will keep the review as subjective as possible as I am sure that our clients and your readers appreciate the honesty.

Do not hesitate to contact us back for any other info or request.

Best regards,
Mike PopCash.Net
It’s nice that the guys at PopCash are doing what they can to ensure that their network provides excellent value for both their advertisers and publishers. I thought that the fees coming out were most likely on the PayPal end, so this definitely clears that up. While PayPal fees can be annoying, I can’t fault them for charging for the service that they provide.
Thanks for the email, Mike!
If anyone has any other questions about PopCash, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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