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5 Creative Ways to Make Extra Money When Child Support is Sucking You Dry

Guest post by Patty Kleen

csYou love your kids. And you love providing for your kids. But, let’s face it: kids are expensive.
Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to feel that there’s not much left for you after you’re done with the monthly providing. Child support blues got you down? You’re not alone. Even more, you’re not stuck in the empty-pocket rut. Here are five creative ways to make extra money when child support is sucking you dry.



Capitalize on a Hobby

What do you like to do in your spare time? You can make money from virtually any and every type of hobby. Like to write? Start a blog and monetize it. Good at woodworking? Sell your creations. Can’t stop cheering for your favorite team? Join a fantasy football league. Figure out what you like to do, and make it work for you.

Cash in on Collections

Chances are you have a collection of some sort just catching dust in storage. It doesn’t matter what you collect – whether it be action figures, stamps, baseball cards, or potato chips that look like famous people – if you can group it and prepare it for a sale, you can find a buyer. Take advantage of free websites like Craigslist and eBay when advertising your collection for sale.

Have a Garage Sale

When’s the last time you cleaned out the attic or storage unit? If you haven’t done it for years, then you also haven’t needed to use what’s in there for years. You may be sitting on a goldmine without even knowing it. Involve the kids in going through the treasure-trove. They might actually enjoy it (more than you will).

Direct Sales

It doesn’t cost you anything to become a representative for direct-sell companies like Avon or Younique. Simply sign on as a direct sales agent, pass out catalogs to your friends, family and coworkers, and send in the orders to make some cash on the side.


Host a Sitting Night

Host a sleepover once or twice a month. Clear out the living room, build a fort, make gallons of Kool-Aid and heat up some cheap frozen pizzas. Earn the world’s best parent designation and make some extra dough by offering other couples who have kids an entire night out – for a fee, of course. Your kids will have a blast (and you will recover – eventually).

You don’t have to work three full-time jobs or become a slave to the grindstone in order to provide for your children financially and have some leftover for yourself. Try one, or all, of these money-making methods to fatten your wallet. You may even have some fun in the process.

About the Author

Patty Kleen is a full-time writer and divorced mother. When she’s not providing for her children, she focuses her writing talents on personal finance, bad credit loans, bankruptcy, and more.

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