How To Make Money With Direct Sales Products (Without Joining a Direct Sales Company)

images5-300x87I wanted to write up this post because I have a lot of friends who do direct sales, and I have seen literally thousands of people who want to know how to get into direct sales without paying the entry fees associated with joining a direct sales company, like YouniqueMelaleuca, Beachbody, or whatever company they like products from.

The truth is that you can make money off of other people who are selling their products online through sites such as Amazon or eBay.

The Dirty Work is Being Done For You!

We all know that direct marketing companies get reps to sell their stuff. Basically, these reps do a LOT of marketing work. Some of these companies (or individuals, if they are skating around company rules) sell these products on Amazon or some other site.

What You Need To Do

The key to making money from other people’s Amazon sales is to be an Amazon affiliate. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up, and you get paid commission based on your sales volume…or in this case, someone else’s sales.

Click here to become an Amazon affiliate!

Once you sign up as an Amazon affiliate, you can create referral links to just about any page on Amazon, however for this you’re going to want to link to someone’s direct sales product page. Here are a couple examples:

I’m sure you’re beginning to get the picture, so I’ll continue.

Whenever someone clicks your link and makes a purchase on Amazon, you will get paid a commission for that sell. Not from the direct sales company, but from Amazon.

Sure, it’s not as much as you might make from the company directly, but it’s better than paying a ton of money to join a company only to work your butt off and not get sales, or worse, get booted from the company due to “inactivity”.

Here’s the Best Part

The absolute BEST thing about your Amazon referral links is that you will make money if the person who clicks your link buys ANYTHING from Amazon within 24 hours of clicking your link (provided that they don’t click someone else’s first) or 90 days if they add it to their shopping cart.

Does This Work?

Of course it does. Here’s a look at my 2013 Amazon earnings (It’s blurry, but if you click on the picture it will make it full size).


This is with VERY minimal effort. The more links you get out there, the more money you can make.

What are you waiting for?

Click here to become an Amazon affiliate!

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