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How does John Chow make money blogging?

I’ve been watching this video off and on. It’s a presentation that answers the question ‘what does John Chow do to make money with his blog?’. This is very good information! There’s a lot of marketers on the net that would charge for this kind of information, but here it is, free to the web.

You can either see it at JC’s blog, which can be found here, or watch the video below.

My Blog Business Model from John Chow on Vimeo.

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Using Craigslist to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

This week, something political was happening that I felt was very…bad. So I wrote up a post (or a couple plus an email) and put it on one of my blogs. It was so major that I even posted it to Craigslist in my local area.

Somebody also thought it was a good idea, and posted it to their local Craigslist page.

If you have a good blog post that you feel should be shared with people, don’t be afraid to throw it to the wolves at Craigslist (specifically in the categories like Music, Politics, etc.). You never know how much traffic will come in from it.

In my case, the post caused a major spike in my traffic on the site. I’m talking like 4x. Yes, it’s that attention-grabbing.

Don’t be afraid to try non-standard means to drive your traffic.

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