Learn To Be a Decision Maker



It’s very common to have trouble making decisions. Sometimes these decisions aren’t really that important, such as what to have for lunch, which book should I read, or which seat do I take? Other times, the decisions we make have real life-and-death consequences.

Every day, we have to make decisions about all kinds of stuff.

Something that I have learned is that in order to be successful, you must learn how to make decisions. 

I know that it seems easy, but it can be more difficult than you think.

Let’s assume that you are in the market for a real estate deal. You see something that looks like a great value, and you see an opportunity to flip the property and make a profit. What would you do? Why would you decide the way that you do?

Most people make decisions based on fear. Let’s say you are offered a great opportunity…it would help you and your family to be set for life financially, however it requires a very large investment. What do you do?

You know that you have a good job. You know that this investment is a big one. You also know that you could fail. Does that keep you from deciding?

I am a firm believer that there is wisdom in rock music. The lyrics of the song Freewill by Rush has a great line: “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”.

When you let fear be a factor in your decisions, you are letting your emotions take over when you should probably be applying logic. You can know that something will work 100%, but something that scares you is involved in reaching your goals. If you let fear get the best of you, you’ll either decide not to do whatever it is that you need to, or you’ll simply just continue to think about it…which is the same as not doing it.

Until you decide to do whatever it takes to succeed, you won’t succeed. You need to be a decision maker.

You’ve got to start somewhere.


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2 Responses to Learn To Be a Decision Maker

  1. Akos Fintor says:

    There are times where we can’t control outer circumstances but we can decide to consciously choose our view of things “out there”.

    Perspective is everything.

    cool post!

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