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Update 12/05/2018 – Week 2 update has been published. Click here to see how #TeamJace is doing!

Hi everyone…I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted, and I feel strange about making this post on this site, but this is a serious matter.

I am partially making this post to ask for help (social media shares) to spread the word about a fund raiser I’m having to do at this point to raise money to hire an attorney.

Here’s the backstory (I’m just going to copy and paste this from the original post on Reddit):

Hi everyone…this is a hard post for me to make, but I feel as though it’s my only option.
Back in February, my wife left me. She took our son, age 3 at the time, and walked out leaving me with a big pile of bills, far less income, and a broken heart.
A while back, she filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.
During the time that the divorce was pending, she moved our son into a hotel, then into an apartment, and then into a house with some of her friends. She also has left our son overnight with at least two different men, both of whom she was sleeping with, one of whom has a criminal record and incidentally raises venomous snakes in his house.
More than once, our son has come to my house with severe sunburns, animal scratches, and stories of new friends he would stay with.
Fast forward a bit. Our son lives with me.
We went to mediation, and my wife agreed to grant me full custody based on the aforementioned points. She willingly signed the MSA and it was notarized and made binding. Two days later…she dismissed the divorce.
Our son still lives with me, and things have taken some adjustment, but we’re doing quite well.
But there’s one major issue: my wife is planning to hire an attorney to attempt to derail the MSA and take custody back.
And a minor issue: without a court order, I cannot request the child support that she agreed to pay.
At first, my plan was to represent myself…and I did everything I possibly could do, got the MSA signed, and was fully prepared to finalize the divorce…until this trainwreck happened.
I work a full time job, but I don’t quite make enough to cover attorney fees (the attorneys here want about an average of $9,000 to even start a case, despite having an already binding MSA in effect). I reached out to our local legal aid office, but my income was “too high” to qualify for assistance. It’s not quite high enough to cover all of the bills, so I’ve had to prioritize things like rent, electricity, and a car note. I can cover the basics…but there’s not enough left to save up for an attorney, and there’s frankly not enough time for me to do so. Getting so far behind also meant that my credit took a massive hit, so getting a loan isn’t an option unfortunately.
That’s why I’m here.
I don’t like asking for help. But my first ex wife (seriously) helped me set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise the money for legal expenses so that I can file an at-fault divorce, enforce the MSA, and make sure that I can keep my son safe from my wife’s poor judgment.
If there were any other option, believe me, I would take it. I’m presently trying to squirrel away as much cash as I can, but in the past three months I’ve managed to save about $40. That’s not even close.
A few friends have donated and shared the link. If you can’t donate, a share on your social media site of choice would be amazing!
The link to the GoFundMe page:
Thank you for reading this, and I appreciate any assistance or advice that you can give me!

I know. My life pretty much imploded. It sucks.

But what sucks MORE is knowing that this is my only option to make sure I can lock in the MSA and keep my son for sure.

If you can donate, thank you. If not, please consider sharing this post or a link to it.

My son is my life. I need all the help I can get. Thank you.


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