There used to be a way where you could find discounts on by manipulating the search string to find big discounts. This was detailed over at Survival Guide for Idiots. Since this was first publicized, Amazon has changed their search string structure.

The cool thing is that changing the URL for searching still works, although everything is a bit different than it was before.

Changing the URL to Find Discounted Items on Amazon

Using the Amazon category codes from the Survival guide, you can still do fun stuff with the search string in your address bar. Here’s a look at a search that I just ran.

The part at the very end (90-99) indicates the amount of discount you will be searching for.

The ‘category codes’ go in the middle of the string. In this case, it’s the ’541966′ right between the n%3A and the %2Cp. You can change that number to any other code for whatever category you want to troll for discounts.

In case you’re too lazy to view the above link, here’s a list of the category codes.

5174 = Music
283155 = Books
133141011 = Kindle Products
502394 = Camera & Photo Products
1065836 = Audio & Television
541966 = Computers & PC Hardware
229534 = Software
172282 = All Electronics
361395011 = Home Appliances
1057794 = Furniture & Decor
16310101 = Grocery & Gourmet Products
979455011 = Game Downloads
165793011 = Toys & Games
3367581 = Jewelry
377110011 = Watches
3760911 = Beauty
3403201 = Cycling
3375251 = Sports & Outside

This isn’t an exhaustive list. There are more. Do a few searches on there and pay attention to the URL strings.

Happy hunting!