Feedbucket: Playing With Digsby Edition

While I ponder the question of switching to Digsby or staying with Pidgin, here are a few interesting blog posts that I’ve found floating in the swamp that is my RSS reader. Thought you might enjoy reading something intelligent for a change (and they might enjoy some link love).

  • Google Reader can now translate stuff for you automatically, which is great if you want to read stuff in foreign languages or something. TechCrunch
  • You know you’re gonna be shipping things, so why not save money in the process? Blueprint for Financial Prosperity
  • You know you can’t live blog while mowing your 20 acre back yard…or can you? All you have to do is stretch your WiFi signal a bit… HackNMod
  • With some affiliate email opportunities, you have to use approved ‘from’ addresses, but creating all of those extra email accounts is a pain in the neck. Thanks to GMail, you don’t have to do that now… Quick Online Tips
  • Is Shoemoney the next Kevin Mitnick? There’s something sneaky afoot… Shoemoney
  • Speaking of Mitnick, we all know (or should) that he’s probably the king of the hackers. But can he hack WordPress to make it rock a bit more? Blog Oh Blog
  • GLBL shares with us a bit of the obvious. You know, because there are some folks out there that are just too stupid to know this stuff. Seriously. I mean, they elected…oh, nevermind. Gather Little By Little

That should keep you busy for a while :D

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