Affiliate Earnings Report 2016

Happy new year! I’m glad 2016 is over with. It was just a bad year for people everywhere. Here’s hoping that 2017 will be better.

Affiliate Earnings Report 2016

So. How much money did I earn in 2016? Well, to be honest, not that much. I’ll make this fast. Here’s the breakdown:

AdSense: $27.59

Amazon Associates: $54.47

Centerpoint Media: $37.25

Pretty pathetic compared to some previous years, but as long as it covers the blog expenses, then I’m okay with it.

I’m planning on ramping back up hardcore for 2017, so let’s see if we can make everything better during the next year!

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    1. I dunno. I should probably look into that. šŸ˜€

      Hmm…I think I may put that article together over the weekend…

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